Let your heart rest

I decided to live as I am

  • To Do List for an adult life in a cold reality


Let’s not try to be kind to those who are not kind to us, those who do not respect us.

Even if you can’t change the situation, at least let’s not be servile to them. In order to protect our dignity from poor humans, we need minimal resistance.


Please let your heart rest

If you quit, let’s no longer waste our emotions on nothing in life for a foxy colleague who pretends not to be a twin of Binggrae, who makes you angry with an affectionless relative you happen to encounter with your boss.

Even if they are nervous, grumble, or hate, they are just people who pass by in life anyway.


Don’t be as humble as you’re intimidated.

We were educated to pay more attention to the thoughts and feelings of others than to be educated to think of ourselves as special and respect our feelings.

In this culture, Koreans have exceptionally developed “wits,” which do not even have a word to respond to in English, and humility, which is close to self-deprecation, comes from Westerners.|


The things that will endure the ambiguity of life

After all, dots are only speculations that contain a little truth, like red ginseng candy with 5% red ginseng powder.

We look at the dots because we want to be convinced of life.

However, even if Nostradamus comes out with the lid open, the future cannot be guaranteed.

It is not because the fortune teller lacks experience or because of the lack of reading, but because the nature of life is ambiguous .