Teenage Courage and turning point

Teenage Courage and turning point.

Teenage who are not mature enough to take responsibility for something or young enough to follow someone’s control.

  • “I don’t know what I’m good at or what I like…”.”
    “One day, I suddenly became an outcast without knowing why.”.”
    “I think my parents’ divorce is my fault.”.”
    “My mom opposes my dream. She wants me to become a civil servant no matter what.”.”

Teenagers, who talk a lot and have a lot of troubles

How did my friends and seniors who had the same worries overcome this crisis?

A book about the honest feelings of the youth instructor who jumped directly into the rough and lonely life.

I believe that the record of “10th print” will prove how much comfort this book has given to children and how much it has given them a direction of life and healed their wounds beyond simple empathy.

The book contains the concerns and solutions that children who kept the golden time of their golden age.

The rich and fruitful composition of the author’s friendly mentoring, tips, and nouns who volunteered to be a youth mentor stands out.

It is a gift-like book that should be read by all leaders who want to properly guide teenagers who struggle alone in front of heavy concerns, parents who want to communicate deeply with their beloved children, and youth who want to properly guide them.



A career path in which teenagers in our society wrap their heads up and worry, and a relationship with others.

And sincere stories and solutions about studying give a deep impression to the mind.

The author’s affectionate tip for teenagers is a bonus.

Through this book, we will be able to prepare to respond seriously to the concerns of teenagers.

Contains warm empathy and tips for solving problems.

I’m sure it’s a huge book that will give courage and turning points to change life to struggling teenagers.

Korean youth who can’t learn how to live like me and only learn to live like others.

This book is a compass on the path to find its direction. It is the story of a pacemaker who plays with me to find my dream that I have never learned at school and make it a reality.

The moment you cover the book, you will find yourself writing down your dreams, not others’ dreams.


“A serious concern about my life.”

  • It is the story of a courageous steps of teenagers who believe that dreams can become reality, not luxury or fantasy, and a warm companion youth instructor who accompanies them.
  • Think and Do!
  • The most special reason why this book can be a great gift of comfort to teenagers and adults is “truthfulness.”
  • It contains concerns and solutions. studies, careers.
  • Human relationships for children who have kept the golden time of their lives and teens.
  • Various episodes of teenagers who actually raised their dreams.


It was about feeling the images of the main characters challenging


Teenage Dreams and promoting their growth.

Starting with the opening of a hotel club that will be first step toward her dream,

Watching the stories of the main characters.

  • What is a dream?
  • I want to do something.
  • A specific job? A vague expectation?

“A series of visual images”

We talk about talk about itself trying for what we want to be, or want to do something.


Perhaps he lost his dream through adolescence.

Have you found a job suitable for you among the countless future hopes?

At that time, why did I think that my future hope only points to a job?

I hope other friends can hear the teacher’s warm story together.

As usual, this book tells the story of one’s school days and sympathizes with them.

“It’s my Teenage story. ” I read it meaningfully.

Teenagers in the classroom look very busy growing up.

I was wondering how close I could get to these children.

I was able to get a lot of hopeful messages by telling a really realistic story honestly and honestly.

Everyone is busy going somewhere with their bags on their bags.

They are struggling with studying they don’t want to do.

It is a book that reminds you of the thoughts of that time and makes you think about children’s minds one more time.

Just like I did, our children want to do well in every way, and they want to be proud that we’re good.

I will open up my timid mind and love myself more and cheer for something wonderful to fly toward a big Teenage dream.


“Do something valuable first!”

I just sincerely want you to be firm and have tangible things.

It’s my family and people around me love it.

Making up your mind is a kind of magnet, and if you have this magnet, success and opportunity will come and stick on your own.


Advice on teenage life.

The book deals with practical money studies, which are difficult to talk about in regular school courses, from “how to make money” to “how to spend money,” and tells teenagers the need for economic studies early on.

It delivers solutions that allow students to fully think about and wisely take steps in their lives.

If you read this book several times next to my desk, you will be able to create a “my place” that will be in the world of adults and face a “proud me” who is living life independently with a bigger dream and a wider perspective.

Looking at the list of people whose lives have changed with just one mind, I found an interesting fact.

It was the difference between those with and without dreams.

There was a big difference between those who changed their minds without dreams and those who changed their minds with dreams.

I could see that people with dreams change their minds, and the impact was even greater.


Making the basis for hope

“Making the basis for hope

Just as you can’t hope to lose weight by eating four meals a day, find a way to keep hope. And endure the hardship if there has been sufficient review of the method.

All you have to do is create a basis for hope, not despair without tender hope or alternatives”,


I hope Be Myself That Can’t Be Returned to Money

Aking “How to make money”

You have to answer the question “what is right.”

Let’s be people who don’t have to prove what they own.


The reality of fear that makes people unhappy is not poverty.

And we are now at the opposite point.

  • And you have to do your part for me and others and for a better society. To live as I am without envy that ordinary beings are not me and endure the cold gaze.


No one imitates me and no one envies me.

  • To say how to acknowledge and love yourself.


I want to convey it to someone who looks like me who had to reprimand myself without any fault.

We’re not at fault. I mean, you can live confidently as yourself.

As the author said, I wanted to solve social psychology in a comfortable essay, it is a picture that gives me something to think about.

It contains the author’s real story, the story of a friend, the story of a friend’s friend, the story of a friend’s co-worker, the story of a friend’s co-worker’s family, and the story of all ordinary people near us.

Who keep asking unreasonable requests, and people who divide the value of happiness into gold and earth spoons.

In it, we become thoroughly miserable, hate others, rank values, and set the day by comparing ourselves to others.


Why do we throw ourselves away in this reality?

The author said that he thought about why we should live in shame.

What is the inferiority complex at the bottom of our hearts, what we gain from discrimination and insult.

And through this book, we tell ourselves that we don’t have to live with our heads down like people who have done something firmly wrong.

You can live more confidently, you don’t have to do anything wrong, you have to raise your head, you don’t have to.

And he advises me that I should do my part for a better society for myself and others.

  • This contents contains calm comfort and support for ordinary people living in the present.
  • Let’s meet a way to acknowledge and love yourself in a world where we don’t know what the answer is, where no one imitates and no one envies.