Camping emotion

Camping emotion

Sentimental life started with a small tent.

Camping with tents near mountains and fields or beaches.

Recently, as the number of people going to sites with their families and friends has increased.

The number of types of camping has increased, and the equipment has increased accordingly.

When I have time, I leave for the mountains, fields, and sea to set up tents.

When you get out of the noise of the city and enter nature, you start to hear sounds of nature.

That you haven’t heard and haven’t known before, and during such a fun time.

Your tired mind in the city, fight the rough world, caress your wounded soul, and fill your empty heart.

At first, I camped with dark and colored tents and wound-filled equipment.

But after falling into a bright beige cotton tent, even if I choose one chopstick.

I build a site by decorating it beautifully with my favorite item.

It contains the story of camping at a picnic camp where you can enjoy camping in various places during the four seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Starting with tents and tarps, which can be said to be basic for camping, mats and lamps, tableware.

Decorated with things used by the author of the Camp.



Who used this word for the first?

The word “sensitivity” itself is very abstract, unlike the word “reason.” So I think each person has a different concept.

I think emotional camping is “to show my identity in nature and to decorate a small house where I can take my favorite things and stay for a while.”

What I think is important in this sentence is “my identity is revealed, and my favorite object.”


  • “Since it’s raining today, I’m going to camp in a calm tone.”’
  • “Since the sun is shining today, I want to camp brightly.”’
  • “I think it’ll be fun to have a party with your friends today!”’
  • “I like wild military sentiments today!”’


Set the overall tone of camping according to the weather or your mood, prepare equipment accordingly, arrive at the site, and decorate the site to suit your taste.

And when you realize what you want, you will feel happy when it looks good with your own eyes.


When you draw what you want with equipment that reflects your taste. And when it looks good, a person feels happy. This can be called emotional camping.

In fact, there is no set mood or equipment for emotional camping. Personal preferences are more important.

However, as I have repeatedly said, emotional camping is about finding and expressing your own emotions.

This is because it is more enjoyable and satisfying. We have a lot of equipment to make our thoughts a reality, so anyone can do emotional if they want!


“Sentimental camping.” It’s not hard!

Time to leave the city, make and eat prepared food, drink a cup of coffee.

Wrap up the day at my home in nature.

Camping is where you can breathe good air in nature, feel the relaxation you haven’t felt in the city, and have the pleasure of playing in the water near the site!

Anyone can go camping.

He says, “If anyone’s camping is added with sensitivity, satisfaction increases.”

Instead of camping in old clothes, setting up tents, grilling meat in the evening, eating breakfast with ramen the next morning, and returning home with your favorite equipment, they build a site to their liking and enjoy nature.

From camping with minimal luggage to camping with proper packing, it teaches you one by one, looks around the equipment you use, and helps you pack tent equipment according to your taste.



I traveled a lot when I was young, so traveling is still the most important healing point for me.

When I go to nature, I forget the hard and difficult things and feel a little more broadened and comfortable. In fact, my final dream is to live quietly in the countryside, but I haven’t tried it, so I’ll have to find out more about it.

That’s why I like nature and quiet things, and I think I’m very interested in these days as well as traveling. When I go camping, I breathe in nature and feel the real moment.

Of course, it will be a little colder on cold days and a little hotter on hot days, but I think it’s a really good time to stay in line with the weather and temperature.

I haven’t been camping a lot yet and haven’t started properly, so I don’t know much about it, but when I watch TV, a lot of people go camping with various equipment prepared.

But I didn’t know how to prepare or what to prepare, so I opened the book with anticipation because I thought I could know something about camping properly.


Very romantic time

That’s why I especially liked emotional camping. I thought I could heal properly if it was a beautiful scenery and emotional time.

When I opened the book and met various supplies, it was so pretty,

I also wanted to buy it quickly and go camping in this emotional way.

In addition, when I turned over the bookshelf while listening to small stories about what places are good for people who don’t even know the basics of camping like me to understand and what products they install shade with, I felt like I was already at the site.

That’s why it’s even better. It’s nice to refresh myself, but I think the biggest fun of camping is to go eat delicious food and have a good time, so I think it’s necessary to prepare equipment or various things.


Feel better in a tight life and a tight daily life.

Camping is a field that seems to be familiar with the subject but is not familiar with it.

I used to glamping or sleep in a tent with my family when I was young, but when I think about whether I really camped, I don’t think I’ve ever done that.

We packed equipment, set up tents together, ate delicious food, and talked.
I knew this was camping, but I didn’t like it enough to go alone.

I haven’t traveled alone. I don’t think I can go alone.
I thought I really wanted to try it at least once.

I think it’s the best hobby in the COVID-19 situation these days.

First of all, it’s an outdoor space, a separate space, and a hobby that rarely encounters other people.


Feedom at the Food trip

Freedom at the end of a food trip.

The food trip body and mind are not separate. The body follows where the mind goes, and the mind follows where the body goes.

We can heal physical illness and hardship as much as we want through mental training.

With that principle, The journey of an explorer who saved his body with his heart.

Through the journey of digging into where one’s food obsession came from as an explorer. It shows the process of reconciling with oneself and moving toward balance and freedom.

A trip where you can get a glimpse of insight and wisdom beyond the general concept of food, health, and diet.


As a gourmet and explorer, I find my own pathway to balance and freedom away from obsession through a one-year journey to find out where my food obsession came from.

What I started to get out of the war on appetite was a trip to understand food.

By directly checking how food such as 부대찌개맛집 sausages and chocolate, which has seduced her all her life, and how livestock is raised and slaughtered for a nice meat dish, she learns how to naturally change the direction of her needs, not suppress her desires.

A bigger change was the realization that hunger that bothered him was actually not hunger in his stomach, but emptiness in his mind.

Having lived by considering herself as not worthy of being loved, she finally reconciles with herself as she is loved and loved as a whole human being.


And he is reborn as a person who enjoys good food and healthy food in a way that loves himself, not for dieting.

Another feature is the introduction of recipes related to the subject at the end of every 16 chapters.

If the front part is a stimulating and seasoned meat dish, it turns into a fresh vegetable-oriented food toward the second half.

In the last chapter, only one orange appears as an ingredient, peels off the skin, cuts it, and savors the aroma and taste that is presented as a dish is presented as a dish.

A tour story of an explorer who gained a full body by filling his inner hunger.


The process of “reconciliation with food” through travel and finding freedom from compulsion.

– To avoid fattening food, don’t memorize calories.

But understand “how-to food made”.

A tour story of an explorer who gained a full body by filling his inner hunger.


All of this to free wake up myself.


Because the world needs anything I can return.

Also, this is because this life is not a rehearsal, and there is no time to waste. And if I am still incomplete, it may be because I am still in the process of living my life.

  • I don’t know if it’s because of my busy life or if I forgot how to enjoy food.
  • Now that I don’t know, I don’t even know why I’m eating.
  • I skipped meals because of the emptiness and hunger that comes in the evening.
  • I don’t even remember the taste of the food I eat.


As this life continues, the joy of eating disappears,

I may have eaten easy instant food without realizing it.

  • When I was young, I ate warm food made by my mom and enjoyed watching the sunset.
  • When did you feel the freshness of fresh seasonal fruits?
  • Perhaps that’s why I thought I wanted to get the pleasure of food once again.




True me by traveling

True me by traveling

People can live beautifully only when their minds are as healthy as their physical health.

What are some precious nutrients that make your mind healthy?


It’s a value.

There are many values I want to instill in children’s heart fields such as cooperation, sharing, consideration, respect, courage, love, and friendship.

Values will be the salt and light we need when we are having a hard time and tired in the world.

Six fairy tale writers here present the value they want to plant in the field of children’s hearts.

Positive thoughts will grow as children who read this book plant seeds of value and bloom leaves in their heart gardens.


Your mind will be broadened.

A wonderful person who plants and cultivates seeds of value in the heart field. I hope you will also be a wonderful person with a warm heart to comfort, forgive, and share with your friends.


To me crying in pain, I, who hated myself, reach out a hand of reconciliation!

Experts, well-known as national parenting mentors, talk about the long-term pain we didn’t know well, maybe we wanted to pretend not to know.

It contains the best advice from a specialist’s point of view on where the pain of those who came to the author and collapsed because they were at a loss, and how to manage it.

The author, who met and looked into numerous pains as a youth mental expert, found countless unresolved wounds to his parents at the source of pain.

Those who have become adults with wounds unresolved look at themselves for the rest of their lives with problems with the “sociality” that I look at others, the “value” that I look at the world, and the “self-esteem” that I look at myself.

  • The author gives clear advice with warm consolation to believe that the inner side of the reader is powerful enough to say that he was hurt and still sick, saying that healing begins by looking at the wounded child’s “me” as it is.

Traveling is fun

It is a rest in everyday life and a cute rest.

It shows the taste and taste of the travel destination from preparation for the trip.

The surprise that can be a story after traveling is a different joy.

Let’s share the information together.