Making the basis for hope

“Making the basis for hope

Just as you can’t hope to lose weight by eating four meals a day, find a way to keep hope. And endure the hardship if there has been sufficient review of the method.

All you have to do is create a basis for hope, not despair without tender hope or alternatives”,


I hope Be Myself That Can’t Be Returned to Money

Aking “How to make money”

You have to answer the question “what is right.”

Let’s be people who don’t have to prove what they own.


The reality of fear that makes people unhappy is not poverty.

And we are now at the opposite point.

  • And you have to do your part for me and others and for a better society. To live as I am without envy that ordinary beings are not me and endure the cold gaze.


No one imitates me and no one envies me.

  • To say how to acknowledge and love yourself.


I want to convey it to someone who looks like me who had to reprimand myself without any fault.

We’re not at fault. I mean, you can live confidently as yourself.

As the author said, I wanted to solve social psychology in a comfortable essay, it is a picture that gives me something to think about.

It contains the author’s real story, the story of a friend, the story of a friend’s friend, the story of a friend’s co-worker, the story of a friend’s co-worker’s family, and the story of all ordinary people near us.

Who keep asking unreasonable requests, and people who divide the value of happiness into gold and earth spoons.

In it, we become thoroughly miserable, hate others, rank values, and set the day by comparing ourselves to others.


Why do we throw ourselves away in this reality?

The author said that he thought about why we should live in shame.

What is the inferiority complex at the bottom of our hearts, what we gain from discrimination and insult.

And through this book, we tell ourselves that we don’t have to live with our heads down like people who have done something firmly wrong.

You can live more confidently, you don’t have to do anything wrong, you have to raise your head, you don’t have to.

And he advises me that I should do my part for a better society for myself and others.

  • This contents contains calm comfort and support for ordinary people living in the present.
  • Let’s meet a way to acknowledge and love yourself in a world where we don’t know what the answer is, where no one imitates and no one envies.