True me by traveling

True me by traveling

People can live beautifully only when their minds are as healthy as their physical health.

What are some precious nutrients that make your mind healthy?


It’s a value.

There are many values I want to instill in children’s heart fields such as cooperation, sharing, consideration, respect, courage, love, and friendship.

Values will be the salt and light we need when we are having a hard time and tired in the world.

Six fairy tale writers here present the value they want to plant in the field of children’s hearts.

Positive thoughts will grow as children who read this book plant seeds of value and bloom leaves in their heart gardens.


Your mind will be broadened.

A wonderful person who plants and cultivates seeds of value in the heart field. I hope you will also be a wonderful person with a warm heart to comfort, forgive, and share with your friends.


To me crying in pain, I, who hated myself, reach out a hand of reconciliation!

Experts, well-known as national parenting mentors, talk about the long-term pain we didn’t know well, maybe we wanted to pretend not to know.

It contains the best advice from a specialist’s point of view on where the pain of those who came to the author and collapsed because they were at a loss, and how to manage it.

The author, who met and looked into numerous pains as a youth mental expert, found countless unresolved wounds to his parents at the source of pain.

Those who have become adults with wounds unresolved look at themselves for the rest of their lives with problems with the “sociality” that I look at others, the “value” that I look at the world, and the “self-esteem” that I look at myself.

  • The author gives clear advice with warm consolation to believe that the inner side of the reader is powerful enough to say that he was hurt and still sick, saying that healing begins by looking at the wounded child’s “me” as it is.