Feedom at the Food trip

Freedom at the end of a food trip.

The food trip body and mind are not separate. The body follows where the mind goes, and the mind follows where the body goes.

We can heal physical illness and hardship as much as we want through mental training.

With that principle, The journey of an explorer who saved his body with his heart.

Through the journey of digging into where one’s food obsession came from as an explorer. It shows the process of reconciling with oneself and moving toward balance and freedom.

A trip where you can get a glimpse of insight and wisdom beyond the general concept of food, health, and diet.


As a gourmet and explorer, I find my own pathway to balance and freedom away from obsession through a one-year journey to find out where my food obsession came from.

What I started to get out of the war on appetite was a trip to understand food.

By directly checking how food such as 부대찌개맛집 sausages and chocolate, which has seduced her all her life, and how livestock is raised and slaughtered for a nice meat dish, she learns how to naturally change the direction of her needs, not suppress her desires.

A bigger change was the realization that hunger that bothered him was actually not hunger in his stomach, but emptiness in his mind.

Having lived by considering herself as not worthy of being loved, she finally reconciles with herself as she is loved and loved as a whole human being.


And he is reborn as a person who enjoys good food and healthy food in a way that loves himself, not for dieting.

Another feature is the introduction of recipes related to the subject at the end of every 16 chapters.

If the front part is a stimulating and seasoned meat dish, it turns into a fresh vegetable-oriented food toward the second half.

In the last chapter, only one orange appears as an ingredient, peels off the skin, cuts it, and savors the aroma and taste that is presented as a dish is presented as a dish.

A tour story of an explorer who gained a full body by filling his inner hunger.


The process of “reconciliation with food” through travel and finding freedom from compulsion.

– To avoid fattening food, don’t memorize calories.

But understand “how-to food made”.

A tour story of an explorer who gained a full body by filling his inner hunger.


All of this to free wake up myself.


Because the world needs anything I can return.

Also, this is because this life is not a rehearsal, and there is no time to waste. And if I am still incomplete, it may be because I am still in the process of living my life.

  • I don’t know if it’s because of my busy life or if I forgot how to enjoy food.
  • Now that I don’t know, I don’t even know why I’m eating.
  • I skipped meals because of the emptiness and hunger that comes in the evening.
  • I don’t even remember the taste of the food I eat.


As this life continues, the joy of eating disappears,

I may have eaten easy instant food without realizing it.

  • When I was young, I ate warm food made by my mom and enjoyed watching the sunset.
  • When did you feel the freshness of fresh seasonal fruits?
  • Perhaps that’s why I thought I wanted to get the pleasure of food once again.